5 Tips for Blowing the Chance at the Casino

1. Identify the most ineffective merchants.

If you are one of them, you can get a profit of 1.5%. Save your energy and give Zender your advice. Find a blackmoney dealer who inadvertently shines a secret card by mistake. Zendor once lived in it and used laptops with 35 weak traders in 16 different casinos. The strategy is known as “card punching” and you can benefit from 6-9% at home (like standing in front of an ATM for 20 years!) Best! “It’s absolutely legitimate,” Zender says. You can take me out of the casino, but they can not arrest me ”

2. Pay attention to cost

Recently casinos are away from their table games with bikini dealers and residents of Paul Dancer. This place is a party pit. It looks like Las Vegas on the outside – Alcohol. But take a good look. All these spinning legs are your distractions but you probably do not know that the casino has reduced the payment of these tables from 3/2 to 6/5. This means that you have only earned $ 120 compared to $ 100 $ 150 a year ago. This essentially doubles the house edge.

3. You can tell when you are good

Root always has a 5% profit at home. You have a chance to win in the first round. And secondly. And the third. But if you play roulette forever, the home takes all of your chips. Each casino has calculated a point where the win is guaranteed, and the number of spells is 30,000 hands. (So ​​they are fascinated by us in lobster and luxury suits.) So if you win, then do not.

4. Use the laws of nature:

The roulette wheel is a mechanical device. Over time, when the wheel is out of balance or feels frightened between numbers. The more the wheel is used, the more wear it is – and the more it can be a fixed number to prefer. In 1873, Joseph Jaguar wagered on a biased number looking for volatile wheels in Monte Carlo. They received $ 400,000 – this is $ 7.80 million of flour for today!

5. Growing or bankrupt:

“It’s probably 2 to 3 times more expensive for players than the average slot machine table game,” says Zender. Do not. If you claim to start the handles, pay attention to that slot with a minimum cost of $ 5, and if you make a maximum bet on a penny slot, the likelihood increases by 15-20%. You can throw this coin into the well. Do not forget to make a wish.

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